When The Dragon awakes, will you kneel and serve … or fight and die?

When an ancient evil returns, the fate of the world rests with four unlikely heroes. Thrown together by sinister plots, and harried by enemies on all side, they must battle to secure a future free from fear and terror …

On the endless Winter Steppe, young Temus Sanasar flees his tribe to escape fate and responsibility, but finds himself unable to outrun his destiny.

In the bejeweled city of Zorronov, amid the tangled politics of the imperial court, teenage Empress Alexa Astarina struggles to control her burgeoning magical powers.

In Amaranthium, at the heart of the Republic, outgoing consul Benedict Godsword makes one last desperate gamble to hold onto power.

And on a remote tropical paradise, Kal Moonheart’s quiet retirement is interrupted by an explosive revelation …