The thrilling science fiction trilogy. When the world faces invasion and destruction on an epic scale, three unlikely friends find themselves caught up in an adventure that will take them from the post-apocalyptic ruins of the Earth to a far-flung alien planet on the brink of war.

In ALIEN DISASTER, the world is changed forever when London is hit by a mysterious and catastrophic attack. Pursued by otherworldly enemies and covert government forces, science student Brandon Walker is forced to team up with thuggish Jason Brown and his quirky sister Kat, as he battles to uncover a secret within his own family that might hold the key to saving the planet.

In MOON DUST, Kat Brown and her friends struggle to survive in the aftermath of the invasion. Debris from the shattered Moon smothers the Earth, and strange alien creatures lurk and thrive in the hostile environment. And on top of all this, a mysterious and beautiful girl from a distant planet seems intent on stealing the heart of Kat’s boyfriend, Brandon Walker.

In LETHAL PLANET, Jason Brown finds himself fighting to secure a future for the human race on a dangerous planet where the weather, wildlife and plantlife are all deadly. When he and his friends join a brave rebellion, they draw the attention of the head priest of a terrible alien god, and Jason discovers that they may not only be the last hope for humanity, but also for the entire galaxy.

“Since I’m a total geek, I’m going to start by raving about the scientific accuracy and plausibility embedded in this story”

“Rob tiptoes through the minefield of this genre’s overworked tropes by taking some hard unexpected right turns periodically throughout the story, keeping the reader on their toes”

“If Steven Spielberg ever makes this a movie, I’ll be first in the queue to watch it”