The new epic fantasy series. A young man attempts to escape his troubles by running away from home. But can he escape his ancestors’ mysterious legacy?

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Kal Moonheart: adventurer, gambler, thief … dragon killer. Marked for a life of danger at a young age, Kal’s quest for peace will take her from the tallest mountains to the deepest seas, from the darkest dungeons to the highest halls of power. All the traditional fantasy elements are here, but with the added suspense and unpredictable plots of an exciting thriller.


When a mysterious man yanks Lucy Jane Hardwick out of her slow university life and throws her into a world of guns, fast cars and international terrorism, she finds herself having to make the switch from literature student to trainee spy. With professional killers on her trail, and a family secret to uncover, Lucy Jane flees England and heads to the USA in a deadly race against time.


Science fiction triple feature! Teenagers Brandon, Kat and Jason battle though meteor strikes, tidal waves, earthquakes and aliens before embarking on a round trip of the galaxy to liberate a strange and fantastic, but troubled, planet. But will they ever make it home to the Earth they once knew?